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P2P upload above 20kB/s stops web surfing! Help


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Utorrent 2.0 fresh install on Windows 7 and exact same problem when using Ubuntu 9.10 and Transmission as P2P client.

The hardware is the same I am just dual booting.

Tried my laptop and same problem with wireless.

So if I use P2P I can't surf and neither can my family on there Ipods and laptops. It seems if I set upload to next to nothing 15 - 20 kB/s that's little k. Otherwise web pages time out to blank.

I'm on Comcast and had them out last week and I got meter checks that I verified as good. Reoved old D-Link 624 and put in known good Linksys and no change.

The P2P goes like a bat out of hell and same for surfing. BUT. Not together.

Plz help me fix this.

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