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how can i bypass a router


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as title says.

im fairly novicy , but a logical thinker so no big compy speak words please.

i was happily downloading a couple of DVDs via utorrent when my son asked the guy next door to install our router (which i have tried and failed to install a few times).

took him 5 minutes BUT...my downloads went from ETA 2 hrs to 6 weeks.

looking into it a spotted a little red icon which i clicked and read a load of jargon about port forwarding...which i cant find a freebie for and im reluctant to part with £30.

my router is a Edimax BR-6204Wg (which i cant find listed on help sites.

i have only just stumpled across this forum and hope someone can give me some advice about how i may configure things to get back to downloading things.

at the moment i have switched the ethernet cable back to bypass the router, but i need to find a way to carry on using Utorrent (which i trust) , but at the same time put back the router for my kids laptops.


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