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Torrent storage folder can't be the same as the autoload folder - why?


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If I get it right, torrent storage folder is a place, where uTorrent stores torrents it opened from any location. Let's say my local torrent folder is c:\torrents. The autoload feature AFAIK means that if I put a torrent file into monitored folder, the torrent is processed by uTorrent. And this folder should be ... c:\torrents, the very same folder where uTorrent stores its torrents. But I can't, since "Torrent storage folder can't be the same as the autoload folder". Why? I want all active torrents in a single location regardless how they got there.

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Read the manual:

Automatically load .torrents in directory tells µTorrent to check the specified directory every second for new new .torrent files, and automatically load them. Note that the directory specified here must be different from the directories specified in the .torrent storage settings, otherwise, you will run into problems.

If the folders were the same, µT would load a torrent already loaded again and again... That doesn't make any sense.

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Because you don't read and/or understand the part about Directories in the manual.

The storage folder keeps a copy of the .torrent file from each torrent job loaded in µT.

When you use the autoload function, µT reads the autoload folder and loads all .torrent files that it finds and appends .loaded to .torrent files (ex: movie.torrent.loaded). And µT make a copy of the .torrents into the storage folder.

So you see .torrents (necessary for the tracking of µT) cannot be stored with .torrents used for the autoloading.

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ok this has me really confused, are there 2 .torrents for each download? Here is my problem. I recently moved all my torrents to a dedicated hard-drive (L). my directories are :

Put new downloads in : L:\ Torrent Downloads

Store .torrents in : L;\ Torrents

Automatically load .torrents from : L:\ Torrents

This obviously contradicts what moogly is saying, so what SHOULD my directories be? How can I change them correctly and still be able to seed al the torrents I have now?

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Should I not have utorrent set to automatically load? I'm just here looking for advice, when I moved all my torrents I had to change my directory folders and assumed that utorrent would have to load the torrents and these torrents were the torrents stored in the .torrents folder.If I'm wrong please advise me what to do.

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I am a real newbie or should I say I have forgotten as I haven't used uTorrent for years.

I understand that the folders need to be different from the above information.

But as I only have XP & application on C drive what I have down is on D Drive and I ovbiously made and error [btw I have read the FAQs but I didnt find this covered - might be going blind. I started with V1.8.5 which was good.

What I did was made a folder in my documents on D drive called My DL torrents files, and created another folder on D drive called my DL Torrents Stored Share where the actual apps are.

In preferenes and directories I have

put new downloads in

My DL Torrents Stored Share

and the location of .torrents is in My DL torrents files.

I got a reminder to update to V 2, and now I have in MY DL Torrent files two copies of each torrent one ends with .torrent and the other with .torrent.loaded.

But nothing is going to the program so I can share:?

I also cant find the 'refresh' option which was in v 1.8.5

Have I really messed up or is this fixable?

Please be patient with this grey haired lass who is already feelig like a blonde instead of a wise women. Thanks for you help as I would like to be able to give back to the comunity.


I feel no like a DoDo

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