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what's wrong with UTorrent?


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I just joined this forum but been using utorrent since it 1st came out. I never had a problem with this app, I have a 10mb/s download and 900 kb/s upload. Recently as close as 2 days ago I noticed my download got ridiculously slow (1kb/s-30kbs) with several files. I tried download the same title from different sites/ trackers and all show the same slowdown. Now i read a few posts here and none really answer to the question many people have been asking in the last few days. I never had to check my settings or tweak Utorrent. This is also not my ISP provider's fault. I been using 1.17 for god knows when and I just recently updated to 1.18 and today i re-updated to 2.0 . I opened ports rechecked my router tried ur tweak and to no avail.

Is there any other solution other than checking my settings? I never had to do this b4 why should I suddenly have to?

Thx in adv.

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thx for replying. thing is i didn't touch anything prior.

I was d.l a tv series (s1-s7) i downloaded s1 and s2 in under 3 hours the next day when i wanted to download s3 and s4 things got suuuuuuuper slow without touching anything.

My question is how something that was working suddenly change by itself?

EDIT: So no one can explain why so many people suddenly having the same problem in the last 2-3 days?!

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