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uploads not registering as part of ratio


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Hi, dunno if this is where to ask advice but here goes. my ratio is currently 0.9 something and although i have limited my downloading for the last week or so, I am struggling to raise it. Five days ago I needed to upload about 27GB to make my ratio 1.0. according to my DU Meter in the same five days I have uploaded 25GB and downloaded less than 4GB. So I would expect to need another, lets be generous with it, say 10 GB to achieve this magical 1.0 ratio. Alas Utorrent tells me I need to upload a further 20GB and to top it all, of the 5GB uploaded today, only 1GB counted in Utorrents ratio.

I am running XP SP3, Utorrent 1.8, Protowall and Peerguardian. The only thing I am running for any P2P is Utorrent, The d/l total is purely side traffic as I have not started any new d/l's during this time. I do accept there will be side traffic but surely not at a ratio of 4:1 against.

Since starting DU Meter over the last 2 1/2 months, Incoming traffic = 359.5 GB, outgoing traffic = 455.9 GB and utorrent says my ratio is 0.957.

Can anyone advise me about this discrepancy please.

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Ty for the reply Dread. I do understand about the protocol overheads and that accounts for the 4GB downloaded during the time span. It also accounts for the u/l speed, while d/ling, being higher than the limit I set. However, an imbalance such as I have seems a little bit too much for protocol traffic, unless some of the settings are wrong. So my question now is how do I reduce the protocol overhead and increase my ratio to a level that can be lived with and enable me to add more files to d/l. As I have a preset ratio of 1.2 on all files, some of the rarer ones go a lot higher, (when there are fewer than 10 seeds).


ok I guess this aint the place to get probs sorted.

Thanks a whole bunch

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