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Web Seed question


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i don't understand how it works.

I have a torrent with for example (http://tracker.thepiratebay.org:80/announce) tracker. It has several files. torrent file was not registered on that tracker. Just used to create the torrent.

All those files also have been uploaded to website. For example http://somesite.net/media/htdemo/flac/

I downloaded that torrent file. It has no peers at all. I go to advanced tab, paste that http address there in Web Seeds and click OK.

uTorrent shows me that there is availability - 1.000, but there are no peers, and it's not downloading.

LOGS say:

[2010-02-05 00:54:56] Banned xxx.45.184.10:80

where xxx is some number

Why does it ban that address? Have I done something wrong?

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I'm not seeding. I'm trying to download.

one guy created a torrent of files on his PC with TPB tracker.

He also uploaded the same files to his server.

That torrent has no seeds as of now.

I want to download files from server using torrent.

I downloaded torrent file, that he posted. Availability = 0.000.

I added link to the folder with files from server to Web Seeds and availability became 1.000, but there are no peers and IP was banned.

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I don't think so.

Just compared filenames and they are identical.

But overall - what I'm doing is correct?

i've tried this next thing:

I've downloaded 2 files from server. created a torrent of them and added link to that server folder into Web Seeds field.

Saved torrent file, deleted it from uTorrent, and opened it again, trying to download to another folder on my PC.

It shows availability of 1.000, but adds server to ban again.

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