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uTorrent spontaneously stops accepting incoming connections


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So I've been using uTorrent for years and never had a problem this weird and seemingly random. Yesterday, it was running fine able to connect to all torrents no problem. Then today, I turn on my computer and as usual uTorrent starts up, but instead of the usual green circle showing up, I have the yellow triangle and exclamation point indicating a problem with incoming connections. I then tried to see if it could connect through the port I had it set to using the port checker and it could not, so I randomized the incoming port and tried again. No luck unfortunately. I've tried randomizing the port several times with the same results. My router is fairly new and has UPnP port mapping and I've never had a problem with it before, but I tried manually forwarding the port just in case. This didn't work either. I don't have any firewalls set up that could be blocking it and have not changed anything since it was working yesterday (except for downloading the latest security definitions for Windows Defender which I seriously doubt would have anything to do with this problem). Oh, I also tried rebooting, but to no avail :( Any help would be much appreciated, I'm completely at my wits end. Thanks

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