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utorrent keeps killing my internet


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hi there moderators ive used ur amazing program for a wile now never had any problems, till lately when i installed w7.i have set connecions @50 upload @230 still keeps crashin.Ihave a cable connection 60mbpsdown/6mbpsup for 8 months now it didn`t happen with earlier OS or could it be my netgear rangemax wnr3500 but it also work fine with earlier OS .i`m pretty desperate please help

OS windows 7 x86

mobo nvidea 780sli

netwerkadapter nvidea

router netgear wireless n rangemax wnr 3500

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hi there firon thnx 4 the reply,sorry for the lack of info.i`m using the wirelees part for my notebook and i`m downloading on cable .i have three computers;minhe,mine girlfriends and a notebook,my girls runs on a vista never crashes or kills the net but mine does isn`t that strange.same config

ps tried it with and without the forceware network manager none helped

do u think that it could be some setting in windows 7

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