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WEBAPI issues with uTorrent 2.0.0


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This is a repost of a message I posted in the announcements thread for uTorrent 2.0.0 but it got swamped pretty quickly so I thought, it should get it's own thread in the Web API board. Just hope someone picks it up...

I wrote some tools that make use of the WEBAPI (yes token authentication is being used) and under version 1.8.5, they work like a charm but in version 2.0.0, I do get a token but calls to for instance the getprops or list functions give me an error 300 back.

Sadly, this means I have to revert back to version 1.8.5

Has something changed in the API or is this a bug. The weirdest thing is that the webui works just fine....

The problems I encounter happen with uTorrent 2.0.0 in combination with webui 0.362 and 0.370



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* First thing I do is: http://<username>:<password>@<host>:<port>/gui/token.html

* Next thing is to grab the contents of the tag with id "token" and store that as the token. So that would be anything between "<div id='token' style='display:none;'>" and "</div>"

* Then I grab the full list with: http://<username>:<password>@<host>:<port>/gui/?list=1&token=<token>

* Then I get the properties for each torrent with: http://<username>:<password>@<host>:<port>/gui/?action=getprops&hash=<torrent hash>&token=<token>

* Finally I would set sertain properties with: http://<username>:<password>@<host>:<port>/gui/?action=setprops&hash=<hash>&s=<setting>&v=<value>&token=<token>

In addition, I might also set the label or start/stop/forcestart a torrent

As I mentioned, this worked fine in 1.8.5 but in 2.0.0 any action (like list= or action=) will result in an error 300

PS. Anything between < and > would be replaced by it's original content

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