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uTorrent won't install properly


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Hello everyone,

I just downloaded utorrent for mac, as I was previously using transmission and I noticed some big issues with it, and since I used utorrent for such a long time in windows, I thought I'd give it a try.

I downloaded the .dmg , mounted it and drag'n'dropped the utorrent icon to the Applications folder.

Everything is ok, the program is running, but I can't unmount the .dmg, because if I unmount it, the utorrent app disappears from the applications folder and I'm a bit confused,

Is this supposed to happen? I mean, doesn't the program install as it should and stay in the applications folder?

Thanks for your feedback,


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thanks for the suggestion, but I was already doing that.

I dragged the app to the application folder, but as soon as i unmount the image, the app just disappears and have to mount the image again then drag the app to the applications folder... so it's an installation loop or something.

not sure what to do next

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