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~uTorrentPartFile browsing and extracting


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I wish to have a way to extract files from ~uTorrentPartFile files.

I have ~200MB uTorrentPartFile files and I belive that they contain some complete (or maybe incomplete) files that I realy need.

I don't want this feature inside uTorrent, It can be separate utility.

Probably I can write such utility, but I need info about ~uTorrentPartFile structure.

Thank you in advance.

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It's true in general, but not in all cases.

If I have torrent with 4MB pieces and thousands of small files (smaller than 4MB), my ~uTorrentPartFile will contain complete files for sure.

Now I know the file structure and I can extract files from my 1Gb ~uTorrentPartFile.

It was really hard to figure out.

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I thought I could confirm that the file isn't always incomplete data, but turned out I had hidden incomplete parts.

I couldn't get uTorrent to give me some finished items although it said all the files were 100% complete. When I rt-clicked and selected Open Containing Folder on a missing file, it took me to the ~uTorrentPartFile directory rather than the sub-subdirectory where the completed file should have be.

I deleted the PartFile, Forced Recheck, deleted all partial files with .!ut extensions, Force Recheck to confirm no other files were effected and forced download. When it was completed I ended up with the ~uTorrentPartFile again.

Solution: It was solved by selecting all files and setting download priority en masse, force rechecking (showed some incomplete files then), Force Start and when it completed there was no more ~uTorrentPartFile. Instead the completed missing files were where they were expected.

Most likely it was my error in downloading half and later downloading the other half.

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