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Crash, please help


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I've posted a similar topic but no one's been able to help me. I had a computer crash and lost my uTorrent history. After some time, yesterday I was abel to manually restore and organize my history, that is, I added torrent for torrent, unchecking the files so that all the completed torrents that I want simply for a matter of organization, are there and are not in the download qeue. I have over 100 torrents so it took be about 30 mins. going file by file. I was happy that I regained the order. Today I turn on the computer, after a while, for some unknown reason it freezes, forcing me to restart, and when I do, oh surprise, ALL the torrents are gone AGAIN... just hours after I spent so much time organizing everything.

Can somebody PLEASE guide me through this all resume.dat.old/resume.dat.bad.1 thing? It is extremely uncomfrotable and I don't know why this is happening, considering I've had plenty of crashes before without uTorrent (or any other program for that matter) reseting itself for some mysterious reason as if I've just installed it. Isn't it possible to add some restore session feature like on Firefox or something?

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I've tried with all the resume.dat.etc files, and every time uTorrent opens as if I've just installed it, even the configuration. The only thing that remains untouched is the RSS feed.

Oh, not only that, I backed-up the resume.dat, config.dat, etc., for the torrents I was downloading post-crash just a few hours ago, like you've said. Now, seeing how none of the old.dat files work, I decide to restore the backed-up files, and when I do, uTorrent creates another resume.dat.bad.1 file and starts again with no torrents at all... so either I'm doing something wrong, or this method doesn't work. I hope it's the first.

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So your backed-up files are corrupt too. When you install uT, it creates new empty resume and settings dat files. But you can close it and erase these 2 files with old resume and settings dat files (i.e. your history). When you restart uT, it resume the torrent jobs. You can open the backed-up resume.dat with BE (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306) and delete the fileguard line and save it. Then do the same procedure.

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I've had this problem once again. I've backed up the app data folder but not every day.

I'm having truouble understanding what exactly I'm supposed to do, could you write it step by step, being a little more specific, please?

This is my app data folder:


Which files should I delete, which should I rename and to what, and which should I edit with that program (which btw, I can't seem to download)?

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Save all this folder.

Close µT.

Then remove resume.dat/.dat.old and rename resume.dat.1.bad into resume.dat and resume.dat.old.

Open µT.

If the torrent history is empty, do the same with resume.dat.2.bad.

If that doesn't work, try to edit .bad files with the freeware BEncode Editor (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306). Maybe you can fix it.

If not, see the migration guide on the doc section.

And next time you should create a folder dedicated to .torrent files in %appadata%\utorrent:

Preferences > Directories > Store .torrents in

It's easier to manage .torrents.

And why did you associate .dat files with KMPlayer?

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