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Downloads stopped, upload still works


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i've had download speeds between 50 and 400 kb/s and a reasonable ratio of uploads until the day before yesterday. After some active downloads finished, new ones don't start anymore, even though there is a wide variety of them with fairly good peer/seed ratios. I am right now uploading around 90 kb/s but the download is 0.50 kb/s only and the activity seems to be only some static around already downloaded files.

It seems yesterday I had some kind of virus situation (explorer.exe??) which Norton corrected with an eventual restart and I wonder whether it may have done something to the computer to prevent data from incoming. I checked in the Firewall and the Torrent client (Bittorrent) is allowed.

This is what I found in statistics. What is uTP?

Total Uploaded: 33.3 GB

Total downloaded: 45.1 GB

Total ratio: 0.738

Total running time: 143:05:39

Number of torrents added:93

Program launched: 19 times

# incoming conns since start: 14

# outgoing conns since start: 8185

# handshake: 32737

# connections: 25

# uTP connecting: 0

# TCP connecting: 8

# half-open: 7 (0 queued)

I just started to download some of the same files that don't respond on another computer on the same wireless network and with the same torrent client and they started to download at around 250 kb/s right away. The weirdest thing is that the same files (2 out 22) suddenly started to respond also on the non-downloading system. But it didn't recover on the whole. Right now it's downloading a lone file at around 5 kb/s.

I tried to get in touch with Norton but their system is really configured so that it's almost impossible to contact them.

Does anybody have an idea of what I could try?

I'm grateful for any suggestions.


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1st link in my signature, if you haven't already.

There's a high likelihood that something "bad" got left behind.

Process Explorer will find if utorrent.exe has unwanted DLLs running.

HijackThis can often find leftover malware.

And to rule out Norton...


(...to temporarily remove it completely.)

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