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Utorrent (v2.0) interferes with network?


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I'm not entirely sure exactly what happens or how its related to utorrent. All I know is that while utorrent is running the internet on mine computer, and the others on the network, can't access the internet at any decent speed. Even if the down speed is less than 150kb the reaction from the network is the same as if it was the max (which is around 300kb) or pulling even more out of the network (the highest I've ever seen was around 420kb)

I've had problems like this in the past, each time utorrent is the only application that can access the internet at above 100kb, everything else is slower than dialup. Of course even utorrent doesn't seem to use the full 300kb when this is happening. Its almost as if its using the maximum without displaying it.

Previously this problem stopped on its own after a while and only happen on rare occasions after that.

Anyone know how to fix this? Or at least properly diagnose the problem?

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