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How do I control Which Items have Upload Preference


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I am an avid torrent user. I enjoy creating torrents myself and uploading them to the community. I have at least 30 torrents I am seeding that I have uploaded to the torrent community. I want to be able to setup utorrent so that those 30 torrents I am seeding have priority for upload bandwidth and slots over ALL other activity. If I am downloading a file, I want to be able to setup utorrent so the selected files have Maximum Priority over all other torrents for Both Bandwidth Allocation (Upload speed) AND for Upload slots. Any item I start downloading I want to have a set number of upload slots and upload bandwidth allocation not to exceed or interfere with the torrents in the above mentioned status (Seed Priority)

Currently it seems when I start downloading a file, it takes over the upload slots and even if I set the bandwidth to 5kb/s upload limit, it seems to take over too many upload slots so that the seeded torrents do not have enough to properly seed. So setting the downloading torrents to low bandwidth allocation and maximum upload rate 5kb's still interferes with the seeded torrents.

Please help me.

My Setup is Cable Modem with 30meg download 3meg upload rate.

I currently have 23 torrents I want to place in the (priority seed) mode so that anyone wanting these files can start downloading them and grab all the required slots immediately. And anytime the seeds are not being requested, the full attention goes to the other files not in that status.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks for the help in advance.


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