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Global down speed limit without having one set?


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I seem to be having an issue with uTorrent where I have a global down speed cap at around 3Mb/s, even though my down speed is set to unlimited. My connection, according to speedtest.net (see below), is capable of about 12Mb/s. I have Fedora 12 installed on this comp as well, and also use Deluge for downloading, and it routinely maxes out my connection to the point where I have to cap it manually or else not be able to use anything else. (In other words: My ISP isn't throttling me, and it's not an issue with my router.) I have four torrents downloading - there's plenty of seeds, plenty of peers, and I have plenty of connections to both.

If I run one torrent, it gets the full 3Mb/s (shown as approx. 350K-ish/sec in uTorrent); if I turn on multiple torrents, the 350 or so K/s gets distributed across the active downloads.

First, about my hardware setup:

HP a1030n w/ Realtek 10/100 ethernet

Windows 7 Ultimate (dual-boot with FC12)

uTorrent v1.85 build 17414

Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 w/ Tomato v1.24 firmware

Comcast ISP

Aris TM502G Modem

As far as settings:

Tomato is set to allow 4096 connections - uTorrent is set to 3000 connections, with 750 max per torrent (Deluge hits that in Fedora all the time...)

No QoS or other limiting enabled

UPnP enabled (in uTorrent and in router)

NAT-PMP enabled (in uTorrent and in router)

Windows firewall disbled; uTorrent cleared (in and out) in Comodo Firewall

DHT enabled, Local Peer Discovery ON; Peer Exchange ON

Max Download Rate = 0 (unlimited)

Max Upload Rate = 250

Outgoing encryption enabled

net.max_halfopen = 20

bt.connect_speed = 20

peer.resolve_country = false

bt.trans_disposition = 5

peer.lazy_bitfield = true

Network status light: green check mark

Port checker in speed guide says OK on port 64001

I've read completely and followed these guides:

Connection setup - http://www.utorrent.com/documentation/connection-setup

Linksys Guide - http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=3456

Speed Issues Guide - http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992

I think that's all the required info. Can anybody offer me some advice?


Update of sorts:

I cut my half-open connections from 20 to 8, and doubled my download speed. Thing is, I'm still only using around half of what my connection allows. Half is better than a quarter, but I'd like to use 3/4 to 7/8 of all available speed.

Is it possible to better fine-tune what I'm getting, or should I just settle for what I have now?

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When I'm using Fedora, Deluge also displays speeds in *byte/sec, and routinely hits and maintains 800+KB/s (6.25Mb/s) across as many torrents as I care to run at any one time.

I'm not trying to compare one program to another or say one is better/worse than the other, mind you. I'm just saying that I see different behavior in other clients.

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Hi all!

I have a problem with the global download speed in the last version (2.0.1. Build 19248).

I have 2 simultaneous download.

Here is a screen capture:



And now I have just one download:


Now it works well.

Letöltési korlát = Download speed limit

Letöltési korlát (hasznos) = Download speed

Why does it limit the speed slower than the set amount of limit?


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Can the overheads are more than 1 MBytes/sec for 2 downloads? It's a huge amount of data for overheads, isn't it?

On both pictures the download limit is 2MBytes/s.

Next time I download 2 files in a time I try it.


ps: Doesn't show dotted line the regular traffic and overheads together?

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What does the bottom of uTorrent's window say about download, overhead, total, upload, overhead, total amounts?

Overheads are generally only a fraction of the total traffic, although if you're downloading quickly you could see lots of overheads caused by that on the upload side. (or vice-versa)

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