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port opens and closes intermittently


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HI folks.

Your help with a problem I have would be greatly appreciated. Im Not new to u torrent but haven't used it in a while, since I have been using it recently I have been struggling to get Dl speeds much higher than 10 – 20 kbs. In the past the speed was more like 100- 200kbs. Sometimes as much as 400 – 500kbs.

I have forwarded the port as per the port forward site and if I check the port before downloading a torrent I get the green tick and all is well.

However once I have started a DL and the speeds are seriously slow , I check the port once again and I get the error message.

It would seam that the port then opens and closes intermittently ( but is mostly closed)

I had a brief surge of speed up to around 70kbs and then back to the norm of 5 or 10 kbs.

I am running XP sp3

And my router / modem is a O2 wireless box 2.

I have tried running bittorrrent and the same issue. I have read a few post form people that sound similar but non of these seem to have a resolve .

Many thanks in advance for you help .


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