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Please explain, sorry noobe question


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I am sure nothing is wrong

But it seems my torrents only get 10% of my bandwidth

My tested download speed is 7 mbps (speedtest website)

Yet my download max at 700 kbps

I can be downloading 5 torrents at a time, and will never go over 700 kbps (combined)

1 torrent will finish, and the remaining 4 will go back up to 700 kbps (combined)

I tested if my ISP was throttling my connection, but they are not (Glasnot web site)

Below is test I took on their website.(was downloading during the test)

Completed BitTorrent and TCP transfers using the BitTorrent port 6882:

Transfer Speed TCP Speed BitTorrent Conclusion

Download #0 3140 Kbps 3266 Kbps No rate limiting

Download #1 3015 Kbps 2516 Kbps No rate limiting

Download #2 2131 Kbps 2367 Kbps No rate limiting

Upload #0 391 Kbps 534 Kbps No rate limiting

Upload #1 514 Kbps 427 Kbps No rate limiting

Upload #2 468 Kbps 440 Kbps No rate limiting

I just recently changed my ISP from 10 mbps to 7 mbps, and before it stopped at 1mbps download speed when I had 10 mbps.

I am sure I am missing something, but I have read so much on this website, and still can not find a proper answer.


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