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WebUI and ATT UVerse


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Sorry if this is in the wrong location, and if it is Mods please feel free to move it.

I have been trying to get WebUI working from a remote computer outside of my home network for at least 12 hours now and still cannot access it without getting "The server at 99.xxx.xx.xxx is taking too long to respond." Though I can still access it locally by going to "http://localhost:6969/gui".

I have changed the UVerse router's firewall settings to allow my selected ports 6969, and 49987 but when I checked them with www.canyouseeme.org both are still closed. The response I get is

"Error: I could not see your service on on port (49987) or (6969)

Reason: Connection refused"

After this I decided to try switching the router into DMZ and redoing the test and I got the same results.

Whats going on here? Is it even possible to forward ports on the 2-Wire 3800HGV-B?

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