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RSS Feeds in Web UI


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Hey there

I have several RSS feeds in uTorrent, but the way I do it with some feeds is that i like to look and see what was added today and pick and choose what i would like to download. I click the feed on the left side of the client and choose things I would like to download. I would like to be able to do this from inside the WebUI, but even the latest version of webUI does not have the ability to view RSS Feeds. Is there any way I can add this manually? or is there a diffferent UI i can use to do this?

thx in advance

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There isn't currently. Although there is progress in unlocking RSS feeds to the webui in the Falcon 2.1 builds of µTorrent this is still not fully functional.

But technically you could load the RSS Feed in a separate RSS app. That way you can look through the feed and download the torrent files you want.

If you associate the torrents with a remote Torrent Adder community project such as µTorrent Adder and you should have a setup that is almost just as handy.

Just a suggestion :)

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