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new explorer.exe starts and never goes away


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Is this a bug?

I'm using Windows 7 ultimate x64.

right clicking on a torrent, and clicking on 'open containing folder' will open a window and create a new explorer.exe process. when i close that window, the explorer.exe process does not go away.

and so, after some time, i will have a stack of explorer.exe processes in my task manager.. and it bothers me.

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I have had this problem for a long time now but just found out today that uTorrent is making those duplicates of explorer.exe

And no, the many extra explorer.exe never terminates on my Windows 7 64-bit machine.

Stupidest bug I ever heard of whether it's Microsofts or uTorrents fault.

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well, I found a simple solution for getting rid of duplicate explorer.exe

Simply download the new beta version of uTorrent or just wait for the next update.

I am running beta 2.2.1 now and "Open Containing Folder" never results in extra explorer.exe anymore :D

Thank you uTorrent, I'm so happy to have this fixed :)

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