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Improve Add New Torrent dialog


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Using uTorrent 2.0.17920

If I have a torrent with many subdirectories, I need to manually press the [+] before each directory to open it. In Windows you can press * and a directory with all its subdirectories will open up (expand) in one go. I'd like to suggest that pressing * in the Add New Torrent dialog should similarly expand all directories and subdirectories in the torrent, while Shift+* can do the reverse i.e. close all directories and subdirectories in the torrent.

This should be a very simple fix to implement indeed, but it'll really help improve the usability of the UI.

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Hey Ultima,

Honestly I'd forgotten completely about that earlier post of mine! Probably because it was posted around two and a half years and who knows how many uTorrent releases ago. So do I take it that this simple request will never be implemented? I'd appreciate it if requests were firmly closed instead of left dangling for so many years. At least that way I won't need to return sometime around 2013 to request the very same thing.

I know some things are not high priority obviously, but surely somewhere along the line over the course of a few years someone can implement this? I even remember you or Firon or someone having said that this should get implemented as part of the general Add New Torrent dialog improvements in the new uTorrent 1.8 or 1.9 (can't remember, been too long). Unlike the earlier request, I even gave up the idea of adding a root element, 'cos probably that will never happen the way things are going, but simply enabling * and Shift+* to work would solve the issue once and for all. It's just frustrating...

Anyway, I'm done venting. Feel free to close this thread.

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