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dwnld speed fluctuation


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Hi. I have some small issue which is bothering me. While downloading something, it is supposed to download with constant 120~130kbps (my net = 1mbit) and instead of that i get speed fluctuation

from 90 to 140 kbps all time. Here is my download speed graph:


it's always like this even if there are 0peers/100seeds. Can I fix it somehow?


ps;I use Win7 so maybe integrated with windows firewall / virus protection is causing this?

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*Upload was set at 92 (auto-detected when i set my connection with creator at 1mbit).

*uTorrent settings means what? WHich settings do you need?

Here are bandwidth settings:

max upld rate = now i've set it at 20 from it's defeault ~92

max dnld rate = 0

global max nr of connections = 60

max connect. per torrent = 3

nr. of upld slots per torrent = 6

*uT ver: 1.8.5.

*my max upload tested at speedtest.net is 0.26mbit=26kbps

I'm really lost in 1st guide from your sig. I don't know which solution do i have to look at.

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