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Still Having [Upload] Speed Problems [now w/2.0]


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I'm not that computer-savvy, but I'm using uTorrent for years with perfect results.

A year ago, things started happening [when I joined a private torrent site] – when during the day the upload was almost non-existent. And the download was pretty slow, as well, and varied extremely. Only during the night and in the early morning the upload was good and consistent.

...At the same time, when I'm downloading something from rapidshare through JD Downloader – no problems there whatsoever [and I rarely use those two apps simultaneously; just one thing at the time].

I usually had good steady download speed on my uTorrent at 2mbit Wimax connection [maximum speed: 235 kB/s], and a pretty good upload speed [max: 70-90 kB/s].

I'm on cable line.

I was using uTorrent 1.8.5 when for the first time my upload speed got screwed.

In the meantime, I HAD Linskys cable router for some time and eventually returned it to my ISP.

Around that time and for the first time since using uTorrent I set much lower upload speed

[640 kbit/sec ║ 60│ 4║ 45│ 120║ 4│ 3]

on my uTorrent.

I was practically doing ANYTHING to better the upload, but nothing happened at first.

Then all of a sudden, a month later, I got so good and consistent an upload speed @ 60kB/s that during the whole day I could even open and download stuff with JD Downloader with max speeds and no problems there whatsoever, download or upload.

...Everything looked great on my uTorrent 1.8.5, at least for a couple of months.

Then, again, my uploads with 10-15 peers started crashing again [during the day, like now, it would cruise around 0.5-10 kB/s, AT BEST], and in the meantime I didn't change A SINGLE THING on my 1.8.5., or on my computer.

Sometimes even my Firefox browser couldn't open the pages and when it tries to open a website - the upload speed on my uTorrent shrinks and practically disappears.

The download with uTorrent is almost as worse, especially in the afternoon; and I'm usually downloading/uploading only ONE thing at the time.

Then I started browsing this Forum again and tried this and that – excluded uTorrent.exe on my ESET Smart Security; disabling IP resolving in the Peers tab's context menu… + all sorts of Ultima's i Switeck's rules, advices and FAQs…. – and my upload speed was still good only at night and during the early morning hours.

So, recently, I upgraded uTorrent to Version 2.0 and, of course, same things happen.

I tried measuring my speed and lowering all possible numbers for the sake of a better upload connection – nothing's happening.

And the Internet speed, WHEN NOT USING uTorrent – is perfectly steady with only small variations. So, perhaps the problem lies in the uTorrent app?

In the meanwhile, I even tried other BitTorrent clients – I don't remember which [couldn't get used to them, anyway] – and the same thing happens with them, too: slow upload + so-so download during the day.

If anyone can help with an inkling of an idea, it would be greatly appreciated. Great work, guys, btw, and sorry for this long letter.


Couple of facts:

I'm from Montenegro, Europe, and my ISP is M:Tel Montenegro.

My port is almost ALWAYS green – but port checker from the Speed Guide in more than a half of tests says: Port is not open [but you are able to download].

The latest Speed Guide test

[directly from uTorrent v.2.0 build 17920]:

UPLOAD: 576.71 kbit/s [70.3 kB/s]

DOWNLOAD: 1.67 Mbit/s [204.8 kB/s]


Windows XP

Professional 2002 SP 2



Pentium® 4 CPU 2.60GHz

2.60GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM


ESET Smart Security Business Edition

v 3.0.669.0


SoftV92 Data Fax Modem

Network Adapters:

1394 Net Adapter

Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC

net.max_halfopen is open to 8 [everything was same when on 4]

re-enabled uTP and disabled bt.tcp_rate_control

I only didn't modify TCPIP.sys [i'm afraid to]

If more information is needed, pray tell.

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Thank you for your answer, Switeck.

You gave me a great topic, but, unfortunately, upload/download still sucks during the day. It seems like my uTorrent is immune to every single change I make. It won't budge, so to speak. But I noticed some bigger upload fluctuations [from 30-40kb/s to 0.0 kb/s in 2-5 seconds] from time to time more then before.

In the end, everything stays the same. And, btw, Glasnost - before and now - reports my ISP isn't throttling.

I'll probably try going back to 1.8.5, for the sake of it, no matter I had same troubles with that version as well.

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