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optimize LAN seeding on 1Gbit/s nerwork


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I'm currently using utorrent in order to deploy a lot of data (chunk of 10GB) over a small gigabit network. .

The first tests I did tonight with the last official release are not really fast (not as faster as I could expect In fact :)

From one computer to another , I get about 35-40 MB/S the first seconds, the 2MB for 30s , again 35 , and then periodic.

I capped the upload bandwith of the seeder to 35MB/s and now , I do no have anymore the 'wave' effect.

But now I get 35MB/s the first twenty seconds, and after I got a regular 14MB/S.

I guess I could obtain a faster regular speed , but how can I optimize the parameters for such a Gbit network ?

Thanks in advance !

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I just tried that without any results :(

I think it's more related to the reading/writing cache system than the network. Indeed , the first seconds , when the cache is filled , the network speed is very high and then ,then when the cache is full, it slow downs ... I could observe that with the graph.

But I don't know how to optimize the HDD part :-/

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We actually have some ideas on how to improve disk i/o and they will be in the next version. The only real fix is well, faster HDDs. :P YOu could try disabling the cache and letting Windows handle it. In some rare cases this will give better performance.

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