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A Connectivity Issue with 2.0-17920


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Had been using 1.8.5 and every previous version of uTorrent for at least three years

w/o issue. Normally,. I allow uT to auto-install its own updates, including yesterday's

2.0 update. I didn't change anything internal to the host system (Windows XP SP2) ,

the router (Belkin F5D7234-4 v3 (01)), or any browser software (Firefox-3.5.7 and IE

8.0) However, immediately following the uT install, both browsers were very slow to

download pages. I have multiple tabs open in each browser and with uT-2.0 running,

web pages would routinely timeout and would not display.

Restore uT back to version-1.8.5 and all is well again. Don't see any way to extract

my uTorrent settings, but if there is a way to do so and additional info is required,

please feel free to get in touch.


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Yes, most routers that cost less than 200 Euros/$250 USA dollars...may not handle mass UDP packet usage (like uTP and Teredo/IPv6 uses) nicely. :P

The 3rd party router firmware...Tomato and dd-wrt in particular...can handle MORE, but most consumer routers have stinking tiny amounts of ram -- 16 MB or less -- and are unsuited trying to make/keep 1000+ connections at once.

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