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Just a quick, general question regarding uTorrent Losing Connection


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Hello all,

I've begun using torrent clients a lot more lately. I began reading the help files in uTorrent and tweaking settings attempting to boost my use of bandwidth. What I was doing appeared to work.

For one site I am in support of, I had tweaked it so that I had a lot more bandwidth being used than originally with the default settings (mostly uploading from my main machine)

the only thing I did DIFFERENTLY tonight was upgrade uTorrent to ver 2... but I honestly wouldn't think the upgrade would cause what I describe below...

but I am open to any opinions...

I had two clients running on that machine, mostly uploading with uTorrent

and both heavier uploading as WELL as sizable downloads happening in another client.

all of a sudden this evening the uploading AND downloading client was behaving weird, all threads would STOP then resume, stop, then resume.... then they settled down . (for a while)

then quit entirely

then the OTHER client very simply QUITE uploading also...........

what are the chances (you think) the isp shut it down?

and or, does anyone KNOW how much you must be "doing stuff" to make an isp shut down your connection. I honestly do not think I did "enough" to draw negative attention, but then,,, I AM new to this. So, what are the chances?

in the meantime I'm just going to try to "normalize" the settings and start over...

Thanx for any input here.


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