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Updated to 2.0, now I have .BAD settings files!


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Today I switched on my PC and updated to uTorrent 2.0. When I opened up uTorrent, all my torrents had disappeared!

I went to %appdata%/uTorrent, and noticed that my files now have a .BAD extension on them. I renamed them back to .dat, but everytime I load them, uTorrent resets them back to .bad format.

I no longer have all of the original .torrent files for the things I'm seeding and downloading, and as I had other 1,000 torrents in there, and I don't know which are completed and which aren't, I don't wanna go looking for them all over again!

Is there anyway I can get the .bad files to work again in uTorrent? Even if I lost some of the data, it's better than losing all of it!

Here is a link to my .bad file:

resume.dat.bad (2.01 megabytes)


Thanks in advance!

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