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µTorrent 2.1 alpha 18069 - Force Start Bug


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Hi All,

Using µTorrent 2.1 alpha 18069 on Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

Recently updated to the latest alpha and now whenever I start uTorrent it force starts pretty much all the torrents I have in the queue, even old ones which have finished long ago are now being force seeded. It seems to force start about 80% of the torrents in my list, I can't find any particular order they are force started. Once I stop those 80%, I minimize uTorrent to the taskbar, and in a few minutes the other 20% of the torrents will have magically force started themselves.

If I close uTorrent and open it again, the whole thing happens again. Very frustrating and I am not confident in leaving uTorrent seeding overnight because I am afraid it will force start a whole lot of torrents that I don't want to download (have a 40GB limit on my plan in Australia).

I have thought about deleting the resume.dat file, but then I would have to add all the torrents I want to seed back into the queue and it may not even fix the problem. It only started happening in build 18069, so I don't think my resume file would be corrupt.

I gather this problem isn't happening for many other people, or there would be a post about it already. Steps for me to reproduce are just opening uTorrent, it happens every time. I have over 300 queued/seeding/finished torrents in the list, if that helps debug anything. Enabling/disabling the scheduler has no effect.

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Hi Firon,

Well in my case they are starting randomly and also going in to force mode, so they are downloading even though my scheduler is only set to seed during the day. If force start has nothing to do with the bug you are talking about then perhaps there are two different issues.

There is no need to be so dismissive.

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