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µTorrent working really slow


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Hey all

I'm writing this in a hurry before school, so updates will come later today.

Anyway, my µtorrent has been working very (very) slow now last time. That might be because of my slow old computer, and my new network connection (100mb/100mb).

But this is actually annoying me

I almost can't navigate inside µtorrent.

It dowloads everything with good speed, but even when dowload = 0 and upload about 300kb/s I cannot watch the µtorrent window

When i try to open µtorrent it says "not responding" and the windows is all white and laggy

I can hold my moust pointer at the small icon in the ..bar down to the right, and it shows me my actual speed

But right clocking doesnt work there either

Any help/tips ?

Win XP sp3

Avast antivirus

F-Secure (running as firewall)


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Thanks, somehow i dont know why I didn't think about f-secure messing everything up .. again

Thanks for the tip

And .. is this some not-cooperation between µTorrent and F-secure, or is it a "bug" or fault from one of them? ( I mean, is it F-Secures fault, µTorrents fault or do they simply not work toghether?)



Edit: 13/2

Ok then

After some days of trying to get help at f-secure forums i realised that there doesn't seem to be any way around this.

So, everyone that have this problem, have a choice:

Keeping f-secure, changing from µtorrent


Keeping µtorrent and inactivating/uninstalling f-secure

My choise was hard, i liked µtorrent, very much, but, we have (dam') f-secure as a payware, and we're paying every month fo it, i prefered to stay with f-secure, even if i don't like it, at all >.<

well well, that's my confession, I've changed to BitComet client. But as soon someone finds a solution for this, I'll go back to µtorrent!

thanks to moogly for the only answer :)

F-secure forums: http://forum.f-secure.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=11641


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