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Manually adding file window does not always pop up in utor 2 b 17920


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Maybe this has already been gone over and i am missing it. on the prior utorrent, when i highlight multiple torrent files in the add torrent or manually drag multiple torrent files from explorer into utorrent, it would consistently gives me a manual add box for each torrent so that i can choose the location for files for each of the torrent (which also allows the checkmark to start torrent or not).

With the new built, this feature does not work consistently. If i drag in 5 torrent files or less, then this box will pop up to let me choose file location. If i drag 6 or more torrents in at the same time, this box doesn't pop up. It automatically add all torrents to utorrent without opening the box to let me select the location of files for each torrent.

i guess i can see the merit of if you adding a gazillion torrents at the same time, you don't want to have to manually click ok on a gazillion of those manual add boxes for each of those torrents. Would be nice to have this as an option though.

Btw, i do have the "show a window that display the files inside torrent" checked under the "when adding torrent" section under the UI setting in preference.

Much appreciate any suggestion or help

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Thanks. I see the change noted starting in 2009-12-09: Version 2.0 Beta (build 17539).

I never had any crash of utorrent before updating. I have several times added about 2 or 3 dozen torrents at once but most of the times about a dozen or so at once. I miss this feature ;). I guess i can try to see if i can adjust to this because a lot of time, the torrents i add require triaging to multiple different drives depends on what category, etc. Guess I can try to add 5 at a time.

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