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Manual adding of torrents broken in 2+!


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In 1.8.5 I used to manually add ALL my torrents en masse. That is I would add say 10 torrents and choose the location to save the files. This would popup the last used folder on the last selected partition.

Now when I add more than a few torrents it does not ask no matter what the directory settings are and downloads them all to the default uTorrent folder instead!

If I add say 3 torrents it pops up an annoying dialogue with a number of options including a folder icon where I can select to save the file. But it does this for EVERY torrent that I have selected!

So not only is adding lots of torrents not asking me where to save the torrents and shoving them ALL in the default folder. But if I only select a few torrents at a time I have double the amount of clicks to save to the partitions and folders I want to!

This happens with both 2.0 final and the 2.1 betas.

How do I get it to behave like 1.8.5 did? This is so frustrating!

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Will it be fixed? If I add 5 at a time how do I get rid of that annoying dialogue? I just want it to go straight to the last used folder and let me hit OK for each file saved and/or allow me to change partition or folder for each file without that annoying secondary dialogue appearing.

I have great respect for developers but this is exactly why some people call newer versions of software 'bloatware'. Adding new features is fine. Just as long as you are not making more work to do the same thing the previous version did just fine.

Can I get rid of the anoying dialogue and use the old method of saving files and if I can how?


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I use drag n drop as well. I had old torrents I haven't used yet so I decided to drap around 80-100 or so torrents which usually opens with each dialogue option for 1.8.5 but now doesn't appear in 2.0.17920. I know that you mention that it auto adds without any confirmation after 5 torrents but is it possible for next version release/build to have users be able to set the manual amount of torrents drag n droppable with confirmation dialogue (so people can select directory to save in and untick whatever is not needed to download etc.) before it just auto adds without confirmation? I mean like you can still have the default 20 as you mentioned before but I would like to see a bypass/manual limit that users can set so they can go over the 20 limit if need be even though there maybe a risk of crash or whatnot (though I only experienced it once with 1.8.5). I need that function since I drop usually more than 50 torrents in one go from time to time and having it just save all in a default folder really hampers my organizing + file selecting methods.

I've also noticed quite an improvement on speed when adding more than 20 torrents. Used to freeze for 4-5 seconds on around 80 torrent drops but now it only does it 2-3 seconds or sometimes no freeze at all. No crashes as well so I'm happy with that.

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