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Changes in uTorrent 2.0


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So I've just got uT 2.0. I've noticed something not amusing - new icons.

I've been reading the 2.0 changelog to find (to my surprise) that uT did not follow this popular upgrade trend:

- replace icons as if the old ones did not made up into a user friendly GUI already (not)

- add a bunch of useless code that slows down the app and inflates it by a factor of at least 100

- and of course call it a break-through, a revolution

So as you can see, I'd really like to be given the choice between new icons and the old ones. I'm a bit too old to be forced into a change such fundamental elements. Besides, I think the old ones were nicer.

So uT team, will you be kind enough to give me and many other people the ability to choose between new and old icons or even add support for custom skins?

Kind regards,


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It would be easier if there was a built-in option in uTorrent for a "classic" theme (like the Winamp).

We know there is a skins page, we know we can create our skins, we know we can also pass to another torrent client, but that is not the answer.

I tried that 1199 skin, but it doesn't change most of the icons or tabs.

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Could you please release to public old icons, so we can accurately recreate old look of the application? Toolbar mentioned in this thread has some issues like some borders that are not accurate and look ugly "in the wild".

Also, here's the thread I'm hoping would spark creativity of the community to recreate the old look:


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