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no index box when opening file with utorrent 1.8.5


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hi all,, i have a couple of problems i hope you can help me with,


when i open a file with utorrent i used to get a box opening up with an index, so that i could tick or untick which parts of the file i wanted to download. but since yesterday this option does not appear, now when i choose to open a file with uttorent it starts to download the whole thing. i've always used the default settings and i don't know how to fix this in the preferences tab. i tried utorrent version 2 but went back to 1.8.5 yesterday so this may or maynot be connected.

....2..... also for the past month or so sometimes when i want to add a torrent while utorrent is open, i get a message saying utorrent is running but not responding. i have to close utorrent first and then choose the open with utorrent option.

i'm using vista sp 2.

thanks.... mark.

UPDATE i've fixed problem 1, any suggestions for number 2 ??

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Hi, I had the same problem (issue 1) and just figured out how to fix it.

If you already have turned on "Activate the program window" and "Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent" options under Properties > UI Settings, then all you need is to turn on "Always show dialog on manual add" under Properties > Directories > Location of Downloaded Files. That worked for me.

Good luck

edit: Sorry, didn't see you had already fixed issue 1. But it's still good for someone else that might have this issue in the future.

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