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µTorrent's incomplete downloads: A complete mystery

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I recently changed my downloads destination to an external drive because I don't want to have constant read/write on my local drive.

...But I'm not clear on where the partial downloads are being stored, and those are the ones that count. I know they're somewhere on my local drive because when I "Get Info" on Macintosh HD I can see the number of used bytes is increasing. My external drive remains the same.

I launched µTorrent, started a download, and did a Finder search for all the files on my system that have been modified today. (Note: I first used TinkerTool to ensure that any hidden system files would be revealed).

However, I still can't find any trace of where these incomplete downloads are being stashed.

So how do I find these partials and make sure they get stored on my external drive from now on?

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Thanks for the reply.

What you said about the setting not being retroactive made perfect sense. I started downloading a couple of new torrents from scratch, and immediately saw files show up in the newly specified location.

But upon closer inspection the mystery remains. The files are created when a download is initiated, but do not grow in size until the download process is completed.

I once again did a "Get Info" on both my local drive and my external drive and saw that no data was being written to the external one. It still continues to be written to my Mac's local drive until the download is complete and then µTorrent copies it to the external.

Any ideas?

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I looked in /Volumes but there were only legitimate volumes listed there; no folders.

Something strange I noticed is that there is a discrepancy in the details that "Get Info" gives.

A file I'm downloading is shown as last modified at 9:28pm while the external drive the file is stored on is shown as being last modified at 4:20pm. How can that be?

Also, the size of the external drive doesn't seem to change, even as the file size increases.

It's almost as if the file isn't located on the external drive, but when I look at the file path, it indicates that it is, clear as day.

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