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Error - user mapped section open


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Hello everyone. Lately, I have been getting an error with my downloads.

I get the following error:

user mapped section open

I have been using uTorrent for about a year with zero issues until last week.

I am running V 1.8.2 in Vista 64bit SP1.

While utorrent has always worked fine, my downloads have never been that fast. So I looked online, and found a solution.

I read online that you goto Options - Speed guide and then select xx/100Mbit from the drop down menu. This sped up my downloads.

However, since then, I have been getting this error. I do not recall what the default setting was.

Is this error caused by changing the options in the Speed Guide?

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Just upgraded to 2.0, still have the same error.

I've been looking at the other thread, no luck yet.

I use Avira Free, AVG Free, Ad-aware Free. That is what I have running all the time anyways. Have been using them since I got this PC for a year along side Utorrent.

In the other thread I read something about AVG, will have to look into that more.

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