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Connection icon green, but port test fails?


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How can it fail if there's dl/ul activity and it's green?

That darn icon lives in yellow 'no incoming connections...', but D: will be 50 or 100+ kB/s and U: 40 kB/s.

Port has to be open, right?

Firewall Trusts utorrent.

Verizon port forwarding screens come up rather than the Westell 6100's Home, Config, etc..., so PF.com doesn't really help.

I found a 6100 thread on a PF.com forum with this exact issue, but it was one page and unresolved. doh


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Hi. Does your Verizon port forwarding screen look like the Westell A90-750015-07 on PF.com? If so, just follow the guide for that model.

Additionally, if your firewall is set to 'Typical Security (Medium)', you may have to add the following rule to see the tracker:

port forward: tcp 6969 Out Dst (Dynamic)

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