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oops, i accidentally disconnected my portable HD


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I use 10.6 snow leopard and utorrent 0.9.2 (the latest version). I was downloading a file, but I accidently knocked the USB connection on my portable HD and it disconnected the harddrive. When I plug it back in, the torrent was not able to continue. I tried force starting and force rechecking, didn't work. I didn't have the original .torrent file, but I got the same one from the same site, so its almost the original. I first removed my torrent file from the list, then reopened it, saving to the same spot. Isn't working as intended (restarted at 0%), which goes on for a bit until it stops dead with a red X status. Tried force rechecking, doesnt work, and that puts it into inactive.

I dont want to have to download the whole thing again. How can I get ut to check what I have so far, then just letting me continue on?

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