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uTP, does it work as it should? uT 2.0


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I have a question for you, cuz I'm reading stuff like "uTP has been improved significantly since 1.8.5" and I wonder if this is how it's supposed to work.

This is a screenshot from NetLimiters' download chart:


The first 'pile' of data is with Enabled bandwidth management, then I stopped the torrent, disabled bandwidth management, and started it again. The result you can see by yourself.

I was downloading from private tracker (seedboxes, etc...) so it wasn't peers/seeders-having-low-connection problem.

However I have to mention one thing. When I was using 1.8.5 and was only seeding few torrents, from time to time I was getting the same problem with upload rate but on bigger scale (transfer was disrupted for longer time, etc). I was thinking it was my connection, but then I discovered that it happens every time I have a leecher connected to my torrent via utorrent 2.0 beta with uTP - even that I had bt.transp_disposition set to 13 (so, as I understand, it shouldn't attempt outgoing uTP connection, and it didn't to utorrent 1.8.5, but it did to 2.0 beta). So I set this option to 5 and the problem disappeared, as I weren't receiving any uTP connections. Then ut 2.0 came out and I read "uTP has been improved significantly since 1.8.5", and I have to say that it did improve. Now my upload rate doesn't look like internet disconnecting every 5 seconds for about 10 seconds. It's pretty solid, but seems that with uTP enabled I still can't reach my max upload rate, it just lingers a few kb/s below the max.

So I don't know... upload improved for me, but download not entirely, that's why I'm asking. Is it supposed to work like that? like in screen? transfer hanging from time to time? Hope not, cuz right now I have to disable it, as for me it's not a 'better then TCP' solution.

Cheers, and BIG THX for a great program.

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