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Global number of upload slots, not per torrent


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The situation now: sometimes I'm downloading only one torrent (and I'd like to have it possibly fast), sometimes I have few downloads queued and I don't really care if they finish hour, day or even week sooner or later.

The problem is with upload slots setting.

If I have, for example 40kB upload available, then optimal number of active upload slots is, let's say 8 (per 5kB average). When I setup 8 upload slots for torrent, well, this works good in case downloading only one torrent, but when I'm dowloading more of them uTorrent is trying to make 8 upload slots * number of active torrents. This results in general oversegmentation of my upload to small 1-2kB pieces of transfers, making more overhead and being generally harmful to swarm.

So, I can setup 1 upload slot per torrent and enabling use of additional ones option, you say?

But now I have problem when I'm trying to download only 1 torrent possibly fast. It is possible situation when I will be giving 100% of my precious upload to one peer, while receiving much less from him. Of course, I'm not suggesting such peers has to be leechers - they will probably return their share to the swarm somehow and someday, but the point is I will have to wait to download this particular torrent longer AND I WANT TO DOWNLOAD IT ASAP :)

Summarizing, there is no optimal uTorrent settings for me now. The remedy: making number of

upload slots global, not per torrent. With one restriction though - number of global upload slots must not be lesser than max number of active torrents. So, there should be at least one upload slot reserved for any active torrent. Additional (over this obligatory one) upload slots should do round robin globally... of course if priority of all the torrents will be the same. If not, we can now assign more upload slots for prioritized torrents. Example:

we have 9 upload slots and 3 active torrents, one of them has high priority, second - normal, third - low, so uTorrent is assigning 3 slots for normal, only 1 for low, 5 slots for high. It can also assign suitable upload rates for those torrents (as it is being done now).

What do you think? I really can't see any cons about such solution right now.

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i think the assignments you talk about with priorities will have to be hashed out more, but having a global setting that is divided by the number of torrents to assign upload slots sounds great. could this be extended to number of connected peers per torrent as well? that could be raised higher when you have less torrents than usual, but i don't know much about how bittorrent actually works, so someone else will have to say if i'm actually right.

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µTorrent beta 460 has much better upload slot control, it automatically lowers the upload slots as needed. Turn on the debug column and look at the third number.

However that only helps if you're running few torrents at once. If you're running a whole lot, the torrents cannot be reduced below 1 upload slot each.

Also, bandwidth priority (Low, Normal, High) doesn't affect the number of upload slots used -- making the problem even worse! For instance 2 torrents seeding at 20 KB/sec each with Normal Priority and 4 upload slots each -- 1 changed to High, the other changed to Low. Now the High one is getting 35 KB/sec or more while the Low one is getting 5 KB/sec or less. So now the Low one's average upload slot speed is probably 1 KB/sec at BEST!

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