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RSS Feeds updating, but not downloading


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Hello all,

I've got an RSS feed all set up to download some specific torrents. It appears as though the RSS feed is properly updating, however, every time there is a new addition in the RSS feed that should be downloading automatically, there is a little clock icon beside the name in the RSS list. In order to download the torrent, I need to right click on the file name, click download, and then confirm where it will be saved etc.

I believe I have my settings correct, but there must be something I'm missing.

I have each group of files added to my favourites, and the filters are set up properly, I think.

Anyway, maybe someone has a suggestion, or a few options to try out. I don't want to have to keep telling uTorrent to download the files, I thought it would do that automatically.


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I'm having the same issue... uTorrent 2.0, build 17920

SOME work, SOME don't... Very inconsistent...

I have tried with "." and "*". I have tried without. I have tried all combinations with the "|" seperator in between... sigh.


Figured it out...

I have "Smart Ep." checked. Some of my RSS items jumped episode numbers for whatever reason. Then went back to the sequence... For example:

ep 3, 4, 5, 6 .... 20 ... 9, 10 ...

So what happened? 20 was downloaded, but nothing after it was...

I think this should be considered a bug no?

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