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uTorrent not connecting to server


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I had been using utorrent for a few years and suddenly it stopped working the other day. I hadn't downloaded or changed any settings, so I'm surprised it suddenly stopped connecting without any reason.(Though I don't use uTorrent everyday, so I'm not sure when the problem occurred) When I run the Setup Guide, it shows an "X" next to the Bandwith location and the message appears below the selection box "Lookup error: No such host is known. (11001)".

I've looked at the connection setup info on this site and the only thing it really suggests is to setup a static IP. However, I had been using uTorrent for years, so I don't understand why I would suddenly need to do this when nothing has changed regarding my firewall.

Please, let me know if you have any suggestions as to what may be preventing uTorrent from connecting. If no-one has any suggestions I supose I'll try setting up a static IP, but I don't want to spend time/effort and risk messing up my internet if my utorrent problem is something else that will be solved another way.

Aside from uTorrent my internet works fine and my firewall settings appear the same as always. I appreciate any response and I'll try to answer any troubleshooting questions in a timely fashion.


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