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Download/Upload list reverts to previous session


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Heres the problem:

Everytime i exit utorrent and re-open it, my download/upload list reverts to a previous session. This started to occur when i upgraded to Windows 7.

For example, i would add torrents to the list and start downloading them and then when i exit and reopen it would all disappear but the session would look like i never put in the new downloads.

Now heres the weird part. If i restart my computer, then everything would be alright, utorrent will run properly without reverting. However every night i have windows task scheduler run utorrent. After the task is run everynight, the following day my download/upload list would revert to that previous session.

I've tried reinstalling utorrent, and deleting all the .dat files, but this problem keeps occuring.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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no, i have the .dat and .torrent all in the same location as the .exe... the .exe is in the program files folder and the .dat and .torrent is in the 'app/user' folder.

i never backed my .dat files up also.

This occurred when i upgraded vista to windows 7. occurs everytime i use task scheduler to open up the .exe file.

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