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Bittorent Freezes x86Vista


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I downloaded Bittorent to make my downloads faster, but after about 5 seconds of running bittorent, the program completely freezes, and wont respond to any commands. I have to go to task manager, and end the process, the process doesn't close even after I close the Program. Even after I click end process, It still takes about 20 seconds before the process closes.

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My firewall is the standard Vista firewall, and I have the free Windows Security Essentials installed.

Also, a process dump (I don't know how to read those) may help:


I switched to uTorrent, instead of the standard bittorent.

--- Edit 6:56 ---

I just downloaded utorrent 1.61, and tried it, and found it does not freeze. I will use this until the probem can be fixed.

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