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I can't go into seed only mode


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I have an off peak and peak download limit with my isp.I want to pause my download during my peak time,and still be able to seed my torrent file.

But when i pause my download it also pauses my uploading.

I even tried reducing my download speed to 1kb and leaving my upload speed to unlimited.But for some reason when i reduce my download speed my upload speed gets reduced to the same amount.

I checked out your faq for seeding only.And i can't seem to find where to skip the file so that it pauses and i can just seed.

I clicked on one of the files i am downloading and can't see an option to skip it.

So all i want to do is be able to pause my download during peak times.And continue to seed at full speed till off peak time when i can continue my download.

Any help would be appreciated.

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