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Help needed deciphering Seeds and Peers - not adding up v.2.0

A Neep Knight

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Using v2.0

I am the only seed. On the main page, the seed column says 0(1). The peer column says 1(15)

On the trackers tab, 2 trackers each have 1 seed and 1 peer... I assume they are the same IPs for both trackers. In the Peer tab the flags are U HXP for the 1 connected peer. (DHT and Peer Exchange also both say 1 seed and 1 peer - and again, I assume these are "me" and the 1 peer that is connected to me).

Why am I not seeing 1(1) in the peer column?

Upload speed is ultra slow to that peer also, usually 1 kB/s or slower with lots of "blank" time (no number displayed) for upload speeds. Other torrents are faster - this one is perpetually slow even if it is the only active torrent. (I can hit 700kB/s down and 90kB/s up on good days - but never with this torrent)

I haven't noticed if there are any other torrents with similar head-scratchers over seeds and peers in the tracker taba and the main page - but I haven't really looked that closely very often - other times I have looked, the numbers on the main page seemed to be reasonable compared to what's in the trackers tab.

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Ah... yes, in fact the 2 http trackers are duplicated with udp entries in the tracker's tab... the udp entries in the trackers tab show the same 1 peer and 1 seed as the http entries for those trackers! But if 2.0 is buggy with the udp tracker entries... that would certainly explain what I'm seeing. Thanks!

I had the trackers tab set so it is fairly small and forgot those udp tracker entries were there - scrolled down, and sure enough!

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