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Peers emerging from nowhere after upgrade


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Not sure where I'm meant to post this, so apologies if I've got it wrong. This afternoon I upgraded to uTorrent 2.0 from 1.8.5. I'm currently downloading two torrent files at the moment, and both of them have exhibited the following behaviour: before I upgraded, each torrent had total seeds of about 10 and total peers of about 20. When I re-opened uTorrent after upgrading, the number of seeds remained the same, but the number of peers has just exploded - each has nearly 200 peers now.

I would need to observe for longer to draw definitive conclusions about whether this has been reflected in the speed, especially since these aren't particularly popular torrents in any case (so I know there are inevitably periods where the speed is slow). However: since the upgrade, I've been downloading the torrent file for about five hours, and during that time the speed has exceeded 10kb/s for only a single five minute period. The slowdown occurred immediately after I upgraded. There hadn't been such a prolonged slowdown of speed when I was downloading this same file with uTorrent 1.8.5.

UPDATE: After closer inspection, the issue isn't that the peers have appeared from nowhere - it's that uTorrent isn't displaying the number of peers properly. When you go to the Trackers display, the number of peers is normal - about 30 for each of the two torrent files. But on the main pane of the user interface, the peer numbers for the torrents are 195 and 143. Unless I'm missing something, this may be something to be fixed.

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