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Don't know where else to post this


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I would have posted in the topic I made but that was 'moved' (to trash presumably) before I got the chance so I'll have to ask here:

Basically, I have a problem with my speed being capped and after trying every solution I could find, I finally came across a very simple one that worked - changing the listening port. This only worked temporarily, an average of around half an hour I'd say (I was ungenerous when I said 15 minutes) before everything dropped down to capped upload speed of 40kbps. Upon seeing this I'd change the port and again it would shoot straight up to normal without delay. I've been doing this for a few days now and have sufficient evidence to say it's a definite solution, albeit a very temporary one and so suggested a relevant feature (don't need to go into that, perhaps it was a bad suggestion, don't have the authority to say).

Problem is, all I got was what was probably a rather concise reply "uTorrent's listening port has *NO* effect on your outgoing ports."

Now, admittedly it's probably MY fault that that sentence makes little sense to me but I would appreciate just a tiny bit of elaboration. If that means that my suggestion is undoable then fair enough, my bad. But I suspect it's actually claiming that a fix to my quandry of having to MANUALLY change my ports constantly would be useless and if so, I really have a bone to pick, or would at least like a little guidance with regard to what the "real problem" is that I should be addressing because I can confirm 100% that changing the port number even by just one IMMEDIATELY returns my speeds to normal and for up to an hour and beyond - simply put, it's NOT just my technically-inept imagination.

Sorry for the length of this post, tiresome I'm sure, but if anyone can point me in the right direction (let's not take advantage of that turn of phrase please) I'd be really grateful.


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I admitted that perhaps it was a bad suggestion, I suppose I wouldn't know and this is not about that at all. I trust the mods' decision as much as I trust any expert's.

I simply have a problem regarding torrent speeds seemingly being 'capped' and hence the client and I would like to know more about it since my 'fix' was insinuated as being superficial. I am eager to learn anything I can relating to the problem I am having.

Next time, please read the post before replying. I am afraid that unlike you have clearly assumed of me, I do not lack humility and I am not nearly as petty as you imply. In short: I am not you.

If you have the technical expertise to help with my problem I would really appreciate some guidance, as I say.

Thank you.

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