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Accessing WebUI between two routers


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I can't seem to access WebUI through two routers. My setup is as follows:

Router A is connected to the internet. The PC with utorrent and WebUI running is connected to this router. Router B is connected to A with a straight cable to an empty lan port on each machine.

I've disabled the DCHP server on Router B and any PCs connected to B uses the DCHP from A. From a PC connected to B I can access the shared folders and connect using remote desktop to the PC running WebUI. I can't though access WebUI on that same PC and I get an error invalid request.

Any PC connected to A can access WebUI without problems.

Anyone else have experience with a similar setup and how did they get it working?

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I followed a guide on the internet but for the life of me I can't seem to find it again.

But it goes:

Set DHCP on router A to assign IP to 192.168.0.(3-30)

Disable DHCP on router B and set its IP to

Disable WAN connection on B by setting it to static IP and giving it a IP

Connect A to B with straight cable on lan ports. (not wan ports)

Connect computers to A and B

Computers connected to A and B can all browse the internet, ping each other, share files in windows, connect to each other using Remote Desktop.

Router A is Dynlink RTA300 (latest firmware 5.2)

Router B is Benklink F5D8636 (latest firmware

Computers on B cannot access the WebUI of computer on A

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