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100,000's in swarm but only connecting to 10


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Both the seeds and the peers have 100,000's in the swarm but I'm only connecting to 4/10 Seeds and 4/23 Peers. Download speed 3.3 kB/s

I'm using utorrent 2 and port forwarding appears to be working correctly.

I tried another file that again has 100,000's in both the seeds and peers swarm and I'm only connecting to 3/8 seeds 19/72 peers. 88 kB/s

My downloading speed is 3.7 and upload .75

I always thought the more seeds/peers the faster the download.

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Turns out it was something about the torrent or swarm itself. It just took longer to get up to high speeds. It's working fine now.

I tweaked my settings and reached what I think is something close to a sweet spot:

- unlimited up/down bandwidth (can't cap this without losing the benefit of LAN-like national speeds I get when a peer happens to be another client of the same ISP - I'm talking 1-2 MB/s here)

- 256 max. total, 128 per-torrent connections

- 16 upload slots

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